Brief Intro To SG’s Courier Industry

Hi, my name is Jimmy and we’re a group of 2 people who came from Singapore’s delivery, logistics and courier industry with a combined total of over 23 years of experience. We share with you how to properly engage a courier company and vet their services as well as strike good and mutually beneficial deals with them.

Make sure that they’re responsive. Some courier companies might not be responsive online at all. Some courier services don’t pick up their phone calls. Make sure that no matter which courier company you contact, they will pick up their phones or reply their emails – this is so that you know that they’re accountable for their actions and take responsibility. Too many courier companies¬†which don’t do this are also likely to be non-customer centric in terms of their eventual courier services.

If you’re a consumer and only asking for a one-time delivery, chances are, it’s hard for you to meet any manager or Director of that courier company. However, if you are a business, and you need to negotiate a large contract, chances are, you should talk to the boss so that you can negotiate the terms whenever necessary. There are many features and potential terms and conditions you might want to talk about when it comes to large volume deliveries so that everything is laid on the table before signing the deal.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a one-time delivery, then the above mentioned is of lower significance. If you just need a quick one-time delivery, here’s a cheap courier services company based in Singapore which services may be suitable for you.

Finally, you should ideally note that most courier companies might list down the cheapest prices (according to CBD to CBD deliveries) as their main marketing price. Other things usually need to be added to this cost before it may be accurate for you, as you might encounter outskirt delivery surcharges or into and out of CBD ERP charges in Singapore. Here are just some things you need to note down and make sure to negotiate all these if you were to get a big contract with a particular courier company in Singapore.