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Timeslot Deliveries – Why You Should Offer Them

There are many good couriers in Singapore offering timeslot deliveries for E-commerce businesses in Singapore. In the case that you have not considered offering timeslot deliveries, you might want to look into providing these for your E-commerce customers instead. The following discusses briefly and quickly about timeslot deliveries versus normal E-commerce deliveries in Singapore.

Ok let’s look at what is usually being offered at the moment – most E-commerce businesses will require their customers to purchase product(s) of some kind, after which they would be providing a general time frame within which the product(s) should be delivered to the recipient’s house. However, most of the times, the time frame is rather vague, and even then, sometimes the delivery may be much earlier or rather at relatively inconvenient times where the  customers may not be around to receive their ordered package. This may then result in unhappy customers because the product(s) would usually then be returned to the E-commerce business. On the other end of the spectrum, it would be immediate or urgent deliveries where the product(s) would be delivered within just a few hours. However, for this situation, it is usually very expensive for the business and customers to order deliveries which offer such quick timings.

However, when it comes to timeslot deliveries, you get the best of both worlds. This is simply because you would be able to get your product(s) to your customer(s) at a time where it is likely that they would be at home or in office to receive them (otherwise why would they select that particular time frame of 1-3 hours?) This would result in happy customers.

Additionally, when it comes to your business, it wouldn’t be as expensive as if you offered urgent deliveries for all of your sales. This is because when it comes to timeslot deliveries, usually there would be a leeway of 1 to 2 days, within which the courier company can actually pick up the goods and plan out their routes and drivers before dispatching them. This makes their lives and jobs easier and hence they would be able to offer you preferential rates.