Urgent Deliveries In Singapore?

There may be occasions when you need urgent courier services for yourself or your business and it would be too unwise to panic only at that point in time. You should prepare yourself well before-hand if you’re in the position of a businessman who might need urgent courier deliveries once in a while. (However, if you’re an individual, then you’re forgiven).

When it comes to urgent deliveries in Singapore, you also need to have realistic expectations. Although Singapore is significantly smaller than most countries, if you consider just the city areas of other countries, it’s not that much bigger than the entire Singapore. This is because most people take into account the suburb areas of other countries and hence it is really big.

You cannot expect the courier company to pick it up and deliver in 5 minutes unless it were truly a 5 minute drive away. This is because upon calling the courier company or emailing them, they would be contacting their drivers or riders immediately which would take slightly under 5 minutes to coordinate properly. Then, they would need to drive over to your place. Usually the courier nearest to you would be dispatched to you to pick up the document(s) and/or package(s). This takes at least 15 minutes, after which they would then need to navigate down to the recipient’s address / location. In the situation that the place is nearby, then of course it would be quick; but if the location is far, then it depends on the traffic conditions as well. Therefore, most courier companies in Singapore quote their urgent deliveries as under 1 to 2 hours (although most of the times they perform it in under 1 hour).

Therefore, you should always prepare for such cases by at least mentally knowing that it takes up to 1 to 2 hours to reach your recipient. Hence, prep for that.

Also note that some courier companies might actually put a final order time for urgent deliveries of the day – take note of that in case you might breach that.

Difference Between Couriers And Speedpost

If you have lived or read a little about Singapore before, you would know that SingPost is the state postman. They deal with all things to do with postal mails and when you deliver your letters or envelope into the post box, SingPost is the company that actually handles your mail.

However, there are goods which you want to ensure that they are delivered promptly and quickly into your clients’ hands without wanting to worry about it getting lost during delivery time. For such cases, you would definitely want a courier of sorts – one type would be registered mail through SingPost (otherwise known as Speedpost) and the other would be from private courier companies such as PCA Masters.

However, what is the real difference between services provided by companies such as Speedpost or PCA Masters? Most layman don’t know the difference and today I’ll share with you the key differences.

First of all, when you need to deliver goods or documents but are unable to travel down to the Speedpost branches to get your things delivered, you would require a private courier company to come and pick up the goods from you. One of the biggest advantages that a courier company offers is complete convenience because they basically pick it up from your from your doorstep and deliver it to the recipients. You never have to leave your office or even house. Amazing.

Second of all, it is important to note that when it comes to courier companies, that you work with one that you trust. This is because fewer private courier companies in Singapore actually have tracking abilities or devices for your products or goods or documents. If you love tracking your things, then going with Speedpost registered mail would likely be a better idea.

Third of all, courier companies generally offer more choices, for e.g. same day delivery, next day delivery or urgent deliveries (which would usually be conducted within 1 or 2 hours upon pick up). Also, SingPost has a lot of bureacracies which they aren’t able to overcome. Hence private companies like Roadmaster, Network Courier, PCA e.t.c are able to help you get night deliveries as well if you really require them (although they would be sold at a high premium).

Overall, if you want flexibility and more convenience because you’re lazy, go ahead with a private courier.