Review of PCA Masters

As you can see from my blog, I highly recommend PCA Masters Singapore as the top courier and logistics choice in Singapore. In my previous post on the reputable couriers in Singapore, I have briefly mentioned PCA Masters being well-known to be a reliable and dependable company with decent prices. Moreover, they provide excellent levels of different services. I shall elaborate more on them in this post.

As a veteran in this logistics industry in Singapore, I can safely tell you my choices of courier and logistics companies in Singapore – PCA Masters, Roadmaster, Network courier, and Speedpost. These 4 are my top choices when it comes to courier service in Singapore, and PCA Masters is ranked far in front. Here’s why:

1. They are responsive. PCA Masters respond to all queries from new or existing customers fast and promptly. This is very important in a logistics industry when most customers wants to have their deliveries sent out urgently and cannot afford to waste much time waiting for the vendors to reply. From my experience, if you fill in their online form, you can expect a reply either through mobile phone or email within 20 minutes. What’s more, they allocated 2 service staffs to attend to their business phones the whole time during business hours. This means greater service levels for customers who can’t afford to wait even for email reply and wants immediate response.

2. They provide transparent pricing. If you look around the websites of couriers companies in Singapore, you can find many websites containing vague or incomplete pricing details. This is not good for consumers. Consumers will be spending more time trying to figure out their finalized rates or worse still, be surprised with hidden costs after agreeing to use the couriers’ services. I have done my research promptly and can safely say that PCA Masters is the only courier company providing such transparent pricing details on their website as of this post’s published date. This shows that PCA Masters seek to be a completely honest and truthful company, which earn my respect and admiration.

3. They deliver on time. Till date, I have never seen a complain about PCA Masters failing to meet the delivery deadline. They are extremely careful and prompt in their delivery which really puts the customers’ mind at ease. After all, all customers definitely want to get all deliveries carried out on time.