Getting Deliveries As An E-Commerce Company In Singapore

If you set up an E-commerce company or are working for one, then you would definitely need a very reliable and efficient Singapore delivery company to help you out with your deliveries. Another thing that is really important is the cost of these deliveries. It is important that you negotiate the deliveries with the company. Here are some tips and pointers to help you negotiate.

First of all, always make sure to find out approximately how many deliveries you require a month in the first place. Some companies make the mistake of not first finding out their requirements and blindly contact courier companies in Singapore. This will waste everyone’s time because most of the delivery pricing for high volume customers is based on the approximate volume deliveries to be expected. Additionally, when you know how many deliveries you require every month, you have a much more powerful negotiating standpoint because you know what are the limits you can ask for and from the courier company.

Second of all, make sure to check if you have night deliveries or weekend deliveries. Most courier companies might charge for these deliveries (especially weekend deliveries). Even though companies can give you waiver for these extra charges if you have a sufficiently high enough volume, it is not guaranteed that they can provide you such a waiver.

Third of all, what kind of product(s) are you selling on your E-commerce business’s website? Are you selling fresh produce or are you selling health supplements? If you are selling health supplements, I would highly recommend you to go for next day deliveries e.t.c. This is because it is much cheaper to deliver goods the next day – and you should do so if you have no urgent need to send it so quickly within a few hours only. Only if you sell fresh produce or any kind of product(s) which belong in the same category, then you might have no choice but to work out a deal with the courier company which can help you deliver goods urgently (though it would cost much more generally).


Local Versus International Courier Services

First off, there are some very easy to understand differences between local courier services within Singapore and international courier services simply by looking at their names alone. However, in reality, there are a lot of other things that you might not notice.

For instance, just because international companies sound larger does not guarantee that they’re the best providers locally within Singapore. This is because some of these international freight companies like Fedex or DHL might outsource some of its deliveries to a local courier services company when it comes to deliveries within the island. This means that the courier companies locally would potentially have much greater economies of scale when it comes to local deliveries.

International freight companies are very good at what they claim to do, and most local couriers cannot challenge them when it comes to international deliveries due to the lack of planes and/or ships. Hence, you should ideally go with a stable and reputable firm like DHL or Fedex for international courier services.

However, when it comes to local courier companies, most founders are well-versed with the locations and navigation around Singapore. Therefore, they would likely have the greatest economies of scale because they’re extremely familiar with the roads and are able to plan out the best and most economically and time-efficient routes in Singapore to the various pick up as well as recipient locations.

From what I know, most international freight companies charge pretty high for local courier services within the island of Singapore, while local companies such as Roadmaster, Regent, PCA Masters and Network Courier all charge considerably cheaper / affordable prices.

Therefore, the conclusion that I have for you is that if you need to collect and deliver goods and/or documents within Singapore, then going with a local courier company is a better choice.