Reputable Couriers In Singapore

There are several local courier companies in Singapore, and most of them offer local deliveries. Here is a comprehensive look at some of the more reputable and reliable couriers in Singapore.

First up would be the famous PCA Masters Pte Ltd. As the foremost and finest rising courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters is well-known to be a reliable and dependable company which still offers decent prices despite their excellent levels of different services provided (e.g. they provide punctual urgent, same day and next day deliveries too!)

Second would be the old Roadmaster. They are a company which has been around since many years ago and have many reliable couriers. I wouldn’t say that they’re a highly technology leveraged company, but they’re overall rather dependable.

Third would be the Network courier in Singapore. They are one of the oldest and largest companies in Singapore in terms of local deliveries. However, I would not say that they are the cheapest in Singapore simply because they also deal with regional freight and hence their costs etc might not be the lowest as opposed to companies like PCA Masters Pte Ltd which focuses on local deliveries in Singapore (which is another reason why we like to endorse them for their excellent levels of courier service).

Fourth will be Speedpost. But, most people are not referring to Speedpost when it comes to courier services in Singapore. This is because most people just refer to that as postal services and are referring to Network Courier, Roadmasters et.c when referring to couriers.

Lastly, there is also the international freight companies such as DHL and Fedex. They usually do not do local deliveries within the island of Singapore though, simply because they will outsource or sub-contract to a local company instead – they only focus on overseas deliveries.