Memories with a photo on wood

Memories with a photo on wood

A house full of like it or not. If you want something cool, something different, think about a photo on wood. Just a little different, but fits perfectly into many households.

Photo on wood

Photos’s I love, the more the better. The memories hanging in our home bring our journey back to me every day. I have many pictures on canvas and wanted something different this time.

This is how I came across photo on wood. Photo on wood is a subsidiary of fotocadeau.en. On this site you really find everything you can do with photos’s. print your best picture on wood. A tough and natural product with a unique wood texture. Choose your wood species, the position of the boards, with or without whitewash and of course your size.

For every size and interior they offer a photo on wood.

Lasting memories

The beauty of the photo on wood seemed to me the tough look that the picture gives. It gives a whole different look to the photo. First we chose a photo. There are lots of photos’s hanging from when the boys were little so I thought it would be fun to pick a more recent photo. Because I expected the look to be tough, I chose a tough outdoor photo of the boys on.

The advantage of the site photo on wood is that you can choose the type of wood, the size, but also how the planks lie.


The website is easy to use. It is recommended to order a wooden hanging system as well. Actually it goes step by step and you have placed your order in no time.

Five working days are allowed for the order, but when I hadn’t heard anything after a week I decided to send an e-mail. I got an immediate response and then it turned out that my assignment was lost. They would make it a rush order and I ended up getting it after eight business days.


The result is beautiful, the color is exactly like the picture itself, the look is super cool and I am really excited. The result is even more beautiful than I could have imagined.