Watching television with children

Watching television with children undisturbed. How this goes really well.

A good exciting detective, a romantic movie or my favorite soap series. I love to take it easy once in a while television to watch. I say quietly, but the time when I could watch television quietly is over these days.

That’s not a problem at all, because watching The Voice with the kids is also something special. But sometimes I also want to watch alone and nowadays that is very easy.


Coincidentally, my mother asked me the other day if I still watch soaps on television. I said ‘yes’ to this wholeheartedly. I’ve been following Neighbours on the Belgian TV channel for about twenty years and I watch Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. I started following Neigbours after I returned from a year of backpacking through Australia over twenty years ago. And Good Times I watched from day one, then stopped watching for a few years, but nowadays I’m loyal again to the residents of Meerdijk.

These programs’s I never watch live, but always postponed. Good Times, I just put it on pause when it starts, put the kids to bed. Grab a cup of tea and watch my soap opera undisturbed.

That is so easy of Digital TV from KPN. This way I do not miss anything of my favorite programs’s.

Watching television for the children

When the boys were little, I sometimes put them in front of the TV around five o’clock. I could cook in peace and she could relax in front of the television. These days they watch less and less television.

They like to watch Klokhuis and Jeugdjournaal and on weekends they like to watch episodes of Checkpoint via Uizending Gemist. In addition, if they are not so fit, for example, they sometimes want to watch a movie on On Demand. I find this ideal, not only for them, but also for ourselves.

Actually there’s so much choice of films and series here, that you never run out of them.

Who has the remote control at home

What’s funny is that the boys – by now almost ten and eight- still don’t know how the television turns on. I can’t stop them, and I’ve often offered to explain how it all works. But they still don’t get the remote control.

Nor did the husband. I am always in charge here and if anything ever needs to be programmed, I have to do it. Now it’s not that I’m only entitled to what’s on TV, you know!

That is really a ‘ consultation’ between the four of us.

To Netflix or not to Netflix

Watch the occasional film when someone is ill, then On Demand is ideal. Yet here we are also thinking about Netflix. We do not yet have a subscription to. But I also read the many reviews and am aware of all the great series that come along.

More often we talk about whether this would be something for us as well. The question we then steal is, will often watch Netflix if we have this feature on the television as well? Do we need more channels than we already watch??

I think it’s a difficult question.