Realize your dream bathroom with these bathroom trends

Turn your dream bathroom into reality with these bathroom trends

Want to renovate your bathroom? Or are you moving. Maybe you already have ideas for your dream bathroom in your head and now you want to turn them into reality.

But what are the bathroom trends of 2021??

Your dream bathroom

How to realize your dream bathroom? Which bathroom products are totally hip. Today I will give you tips on how to get a great start on your dream bathroom.

Create a mood board

A good start is half the battle. That goes without saying. The first step is to create a mood board to determine the style and atmosphere of your ideal bathroom.

Pay attention not only to different designs, but also to materials and colors. In addition, you should take into account the wishes of yourself or your family. Did you know there are even handy websites where you can create a 3D design of your dream bathroom? Pinterest also offers plenty of inspiration. Clearly measure the dimensions of your bathroom in advance and look at all the possibilities the space offers.

This will give you an instant idea of what your new bathroom will look like.

Bathroom trend: Black & White

The combination of black and white gives the bathroom an elegant and clean look. The black accent can come from black faucets or from a stylish bathroom cabinet black with white sink and black drawers, to name just a few examples. The industrial look also comes into its own in this bathroom style, while the white elements again provide some contrast.

Turn your walk-in shower into a real eye-catcher by choosing a glass wall with an industrial steel or aluminum frame. This also creates extra light which optically enlarges the room. Finally, of course, the toilet should not be missing.

A cool all-black wellness bathroom (yes, they exist!) or just a white toilet with black sink completes the picture.

Green plants

Want an oasis of calm? To create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom and bring nature into your bathroom, it is best to choose natural materials and accessories. Cosy houseplants are also a must. Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa.

The best plant types are spoon plants, fern, grass lilies, or an Aloe Vera plant. And the good thing is, they are also air purifying! So these green amigos definitely deserve a place in your bathroom.

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Think and plan

Go for your dream bathroom? First think and plan well, measure your bathroom, draw it and move the bathroom furniture you have in mind. Look carefully at the layout, what is easy, can you reach your towel?? Do you have room for your stock shampoo?

Bathrooms are often not that big, so make the most of the space.