How to get rid of jet lag as quickly as possible

How to get rid of jet lag as quickly as possible

Whether you are going on vacation or coming back home a jetlag is always annoying. You just don’t want to start your trip with a head full of sleep, but even when you get home you want to get back into your old familiar rhythm as soon as possible. I give you tips to get rid of jetlag as quickly as possible.

I’m going on vacation and I want to enjoy it

What are we all up to again. Going on vacation and if you are going by plane, please start your vacation without jet lag. Nothing more annoying than walking around like a zombie for the first few days after arriving in the country of your vacation destination.

What you can do to make jetlag less intense?

What exactly is jetlag?

Jet lag is actually a disruption of your sleep-wake rhythm due to traveling in a relatively short period of time to a place where the local time is much earlier or later. If you have had a long plane ride, your mind and body are lagging behind, so to speak. The bigger the time difference, the longer the jet lag.

What can be the symptoms of jet lag

What bothers me most after a long trip is waking up at night and not being able to go back to sleep. Or that I am incredibly tired during the day. You may also have less energy or reduced concentration and headaches are also common.

It is not strange at all that a long flight through many time zones can mess up your entire sleep and revenge rhythm.

What can you do to minimize it?

Of course, jet lag is often unavoidable because you are flying to a different time zone, but you can ensure that the jet lag will perhaps not be so severe. What works well is getting into the rhythm of your destination right away. Because the sooner you get used to this time, the less likely you are to get jet lag. Try if it is possible to arrive at the destination during the day.

If you arrive at night, you may not be tired and unable to sleep, and staying awake for the rest of the trip will not work either. Better to arrive in daylight, join the rhythm immediately and then ’go to sleep on time at night. Also try not to drink too much coffee and/or alcohol on the plane just as a light meal is often more pleasant than a heavy one.

After arriving at your travel destination

For the first few days after arrival, drink plenty of water and make sure you exercise. But make sure you take it easy on the first day of your destination. Get into the rhythm of the day, but don’t immediately start your vacation at full speed.

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Vacation is Enjoyment

Jetlag cannot be avoided, it is just part of a long flight. However, you can take into account the length of the flight and pay extra attention to yourself, the rhythm of the day and your diet during the first few days. By overcoming jet lag as quickly as possible, you can enjoy your well-earned vacation.