How to choose a new mattress-with tips

How to choose a new mattress – with tips

What kind of mattress do you prefer to sleep on? Do you want to sleep hard or soft? Did you know that a mattress lasts about’10 years.

After this time, it is important to buy a new one. But where to choose? What are the differences and what is ideal for you??

Here are a few tips.

Choosing a good mattress

A good mattress particularly supports the back but it should also ensure a good night’s sleep. Everyone needs sufficient sleep for their health. Many people wonder if a soft or hard bed is the right solution. What to choose?

What do you sleep best on??

Personal choice

Whether you choose a hard or soft mattress is a very personal choice. However, a firm often is a better choice. A mattress should adequately support the S-curve of the back and ensure proper weight distribution. If it is too soft, it is more likely to cause pitting, which results in a poor lying position. People weighing 80 kilograms or more are better served by a firm mattress.

This advice also applies to people with back problems. Many suppliers offer a three-month trial period during which a delivered mattress can be exchanged.

Moisture regulation

A good mattress absorbs moisture well and this is necessary because we lose a lot of moisture during sleep. In addition to moisture control, temperature is essential. It should have good thermal resistance, meaning that it is not too cold or too hot.

A pocket spring has excellent moisture control. Polyether and latex mattresses have little or no ventilation. Cold foam is good ventilating again.


Conformity is the ability of the mattress to conform to the sleeper’s body. Mattresses made of latex or memory foam conform to the body. This is a plus for proper support, but again less suitable for people who move around a lot during sleep because the mattress does not adjust directly to different positions. Especially for children, proper support is essential.

The Yousleep mattresses have seven different zones which provides optimal support.

Ensure sleeping comfort

The number of sleeping hours for adults is about 7 or 8 hours a day. Older people often need fewer hours of sleep. Young people and school-age children, on the other hand, make more night hours. Babies sleep the most about 15 hours. Up to kindergarten, there is a need for intermediate sleep.

So a good mattress is essential. Think about how long you’ve had your bed and whether it’s time for a new one. With the above tips, buy the right mattress for you!

photo free image by congerdesign via Pixabay/ collaboration