Spring Break Out and About with Kids

Spring break: Out and about with kids

In a month it will already be vacation here. The spring break. We are staying in the Netherlands this week and although the boys love just staying home and not doing much, I also enjoy going out with them.

What can we do?

At home during spring break

I’ve never been on winter sports. We are saving the vacation days for later in the year, when we would like to go climbing. Not going on vacation during spring break means we’ll just be home. And that’s no problem at all. The boys love being at home and not having to do anything for a while.

They may play a little more on the Nintendo or tablet and like to watch a movie on TV. Yet we have those fixed things we do during a vacation.

A subtropical swimming paradise

Every vacation we go once to a subtropical swimming paradise. The boys are at an age where I no longer have to accompany them into the water and I am glad about that myself. I’m not much of a water rat and because of my lenses, the chlorine in the indoor pools always bothers me a lot. These days I let them have their way.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in the restaurant working on my laptop and drinking a cup of coffee. From the restaurant you can see the pool so I can keep an eye on them.

Going to an amusement park during spring break

What is also part of a vacation is visiting amusement parks. A visit to an amusement park is always fun! Especially when you go to one of the popular amusement parks, for example the Efteling, Slagharen or maybe Walibi. We love amusement parks and try to visit a few every year.

What I especially love, even if you’ve been more than once, as the kids grow we end up in different attractions each time. Spring break is not the same for every region. Chances are, if you go to an amusement park in a region where there is no vacation yet, it will not be so crowded.

Anyway, it’s not bad if it’s still a bit colder. The crowds are not that bad. On the site of Amusement Parks.nl you can find all information about amusement parks like opening hours, addresses and whether it is busy.

The cinema

A recurring outing during the vacations is the movie theater. We don’t always go. Sometimes there just isn’t a fun movie running, but often there is one they both like and want to go to.

I always make reservations these days, because even during spring break the cinemas can be crowded.

An indoor playground

Where the boys also like to go is an indoor playground. Especially since you can’t be sure of the weather during spring break, indoor outings are fine. They are too old for the indoor playground itself, but they really like trampoline jumping. There are many indoor playgrounds or specially set up trampoline areas where they can jump well. It is wise to make a reservation if you want to go here.

This is because of the amount of people allowed to jump on the mats per hour.