The Great Bosatlas puzzle book for adults

The Great Bosatlas puzzle book, for adults

The Great Bosatlas Puzzle Book of Denksport is a real challenge. For who does not know The Great Bosatlas? Who used to watch this a lot?

The Great Bosatlas is now available as a puzzle book from Denksport! Puzzles take you on a journey around the world, and it’s certainly not easy.

The Big Bosatlas puzzle book

Discover a fun mix of puzzles, searches, amazing facts and challenging navigation tests. The Great Bosatlas Puzzle Book takes you around the world. It appeals to your adeptness at reading maps, your knowledge of the world and your talent for answering puzzle questions. From Friesland to Limburg and via Italy further eastwards to the Caucasus.

From Indonesia to South Africa, Brazil and the United States and via the North Pole back to the Netherlands of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Big Bosatlas Puzzle Book is a voyage of discovery through the Netherlands, the world and history.

A very special puzzle book

Cartographer Tjeerd Tichelaar (1958) and publisher Peter Vroege (1956) have both been involved in making the Bosatlas for many years. Their skill and love of cartography come together in this extraordinary puzzle book full of historical and modern geographic maps.

In short, a must-have for anyone who loves maps, atlases and puzzles.

A puzzle book for adults

At first I thought the Big Bosatlas puzzle book would be for children, but as soon as I had it in my hands I understood that I was really wrong. It is a puzzle book for adults who like the challenge, because it is certainly difficult. It is a thick book of 176 pages’s with a sturdy cover. The puzzle book is divided into 4 parts:

  • A tour of the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands Waterland
  • world trip
  • Time travel

Each volume begins with an index card and an advance. After which the puzzling can begin. In this puzzle book you go on a virtual journey. All maps in the book include puzzle questions.

Find the answers to most questions by looking closely at the accompanying map.

The Great Boslatlas puzzle book, for adults

Are you up to the challenge?

The Big Bosatlas puzzle book is certainly not easy, but of course that is where the challenge lies. The design of the Large Bosatlas Puzzle Book is very beautiful. I am excited about the sturdy cover and the beautiful maps, as well as the stories contained in the puzzle book. It is great fun and quite a challenge to find the questions from the puzzles on the maps.

The first puzzle I did was Dutch names in New York. The answers I could find on the map and a bit of my own input. How many do you know if you look this way?

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The Great Bosatlas puzzle book is available from now on in various bookstores and online, including on the site of Denksport for €14.99.