Where is your talent lodiblogt

Where is your talent?

Drawing, I always liked it, but was so bad at it. I remember how I used to make the most beautiful creations in my head, but on paper it did not look good. I never had such high marks for drawing either.

But maybe I can teach myself this talent?

Exercise was my life

All my life I was an athlete. If you ask me where my talent was, it was in athletics, I’ve been climbing pretty much all my life, and I used to boot camp fanatically before my knee problems. Sports were my life and really belonged to me. In my free time I read a lot and ’in the evening while watching TV I like to crochet and knit.

I have never been creative, when I crochet or knit I get patterns from Pinterest or magazines.

Time to spare

Now that I’m not climbing as much as I used to, I clearly have time to spare. Especially in the evening. I first started with a Bullet Journal. This is really my thing.

I love to tinker and draw. And is a Bullet Journal primarily a planner. Recently I also have a Journal.

This may sound a bit double-edged, but a Journal is more like an old-fashioned diary, in which I write, draw, paint and color, what we make with it.

Draw and talent

I wrote that drawing never suited me very well and this used to frustrate me a lot. I didn’t have the talent and didn’t feel that this was really encouraged at school. So recently I decided to give it another try.

I found plenty of tips and ideas on Pinterest and Creachick’s vlogs made me reach for pencils and just start again.

Where does your talent lie?

Believing in yourself and creating talent

Of course I’m no natural talent, but what do I like to do?. I sit down almost every night. Grab my Journal and start drawing.

Sometimes it doesn&#8216t work out at all, but other times I am quite satisfied and although it is not always the best of the best, it is just ‘how I am’. I enjoy being busy and am getting better and better. Where I just couldn’t do it before, I am starting to believe more and more that I can do it.

What is your talent?

Like me, do you have a passion that you may not have the talent for, but you are enthusiastic about??