How to stay motivated to work out at home

How to stay motivated to work out at home?

Many times I have written in an article about how I try to exercise at home workout. I am not the type to go to the gym. I did walk around here during my rehab, but it’s just not for me.

Still, I want to keep moving.

Exercising with an exercise bike

Due to a knee injury, I am no longer allowed to run or boot camp. Two sports I enjoyed doing. I don’t always like to work out, as many people do with me.

When I train at home in my own time, I do notice that I stay more keen on it. Well, to stay motivated, you have to make it attractive to yourself. And that’s why I fell in love with the Decathlon wireless exercise bike announcement.

Not only does it allow me to watch television while working out, but in the summer it can also be set up outside. That way I’ll stay motivated, what about you?

Working out in the living room

In the summer of 2017 the complaints started. Because I didn’t want to give up running and boot-camping, I kept going too long. When the pain remained, I ended up seeing an orthopedist and a physical therapist. This last one had me rehabbing.

This is why there was an exercise bike in my living room for over six months. This exercise bike was always gathering dust in the bedroom and now that I had to cycle three times a day, I wanted it downstairs.

This was quite an assignment. The exercise bike is bulky and heavy, but it ended up being downstairs in the living room. There at the only empty outlet.

As a result, I could not move the bicycle and could not watch television while exercising, for example. Something I actually missed, looking ahead for 15 minutes was boring. A wireless exercise bike would have been the solution for me and is actually something for me to think about now as well. I am now a year on and actually the complaints are still as present as at the beginning of the rehabilitation.

The orthopedist’s last words were ‘find balance in what you can and cannot do. To stay motivated to rehab, I may need to make it easier on myself and with an exercise bike like this, I would definitely be motivated to get going again.

A wireless exercise bike

But why would this be for me? I heard about this exercise bike and since I have more training items of the Domyos brand in my home, my interest was piqued. Domyos is a Decathlon brand.

Domyos Wireless Exercise Bike is the first exercise bike that you can put anywhere in the house because it doesn’t need a power socket. This exercise bike works on the movements of your legs! There is a wide range of exercise bikes to choose from.

Training at home is motivating

Domyos exercise bikes are designed for people who like to work on their fitness at home. Of course, there is something for everyone: whether you want to spend an hour on your exercise bike four times a week, or half an hour once a week, the advantage of the wireless exercise bike is that it is easy to move around. This makes it easy to train outside in summer when the weather is nice.

And inside I just put it in front of the TV. While working out, I watch my favorite soap opera series

Domyos training articles

At the beginning of my rehabilitation I bought a TRX from Domyos. I still use this TRX with training and am very satisfied with it. The TRX hangs on my stairs and in the summer I can easily take it outside and hang it in the garden or a playground to train. For me, Domyos stands for convenience.

Training at home is the solution for me and as long as I stay motivated this training will make the rehab happen in a pleasant way.