New Year’s Eve 2015 tips and a diy

New Year's Eve 2015 tips and a diy

New Year's Eve 2015 is just a few more nights away. Eat doughnuts until you drop and drink champagne until you can't walk anymore. What a party.

Reality is often slightly different, especially when you have children. How do you make New Year's Eve fun for the kids??

New Year's Eve 2015

I am in the happy circumstances of having lots of animals in addition to two children. For us that means we celebrate New Year's Eve at home, because I don't want to leave the animals (Ok, and the children) alone with all the fireworks around us. So then of course we just have to make something cosy at home. Have a nice meal together and then wait until noon. The latter can take quite a long time when you don't have a plan.

I'll give you some fun tips to make New Year's Eve, and especially the evening, a little easier to get through.

Tips for New Year's Eve 2015

DIY; Confetti cannon

With New Year's Eve comes fireworks. Since the little man is still a toddler he is obviously not allowed to light fireworks. But yes, of course, it is incredibly cool to make noise and mess. So I made a confetti cannon.

This way the toddler can make nice noise and if you fill the cannon with glitter it looks just like fireworks.

For the confetti cannon you need a toilet roll, a balloon, tape, glue, scissors and paper. Tie a knot in a balloon and cut a small tip off the top. This hole you stretch and place over the toilet roll.

New Year's Eve 2015

Glue the edges of the balloon with some tape and roll a nice piece of paper around it. Now it's just a matter of filling it with glitter or confetti and pop it! Pulling the button on the balloon releases the confetti.


The countdown to 12 o'clock can be long for children. To break up the evening a bit, you can make the whole evening about counting down. Blow up some balloons and write a different date on each one.

This is how kids get to puncture a balloon every time another hour (or 15 minutes) passes. If you also offer an activity to go with it, you'll really score points. Think of shooting a pot of confetti at 20.00hour. A contest of eating doughnuts at 21.00hour. (ok, maybe not so responsible).

A Q&A discussing the best moments of 2015 at 22.00hour. Playing a game at 23.00 o'clock and then of course all the way to 00.00hour!

Enjoy fireworks safely

At 12 o'clock the fireworks burst into life. Are you just going to watch or are you going to set something off yourself?? In either case, it's wise to wear fireworks glasses. Last year 206 people suffered eye injuries at the turn of the year. Half of them were under 21.

You do not want your children to become partially sighted or even lose an eye? From the eye fund we received two very cool fireworks glasses. So at least we can safely look at all the beauty in the street.

New Year's Eve 2015

It only remains for me to wish you a happy New Year! Enjoy yourselves!

How to celebrate New Year's Eve? Light your own fireworks too?

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