Children’s tea that children like to drink

Children’s tea tea that children like to drink

Do your children like to drink tea or find it nothing at all? Of children’s tea Teach your children to drink tea. Tea with fine flavors that all children like and of which they would like to drink an extra head.

Drinking tea together at school

In the class of the oldest they nowadays drink tea on Friday afternoon. Or lemonade for the children who don’t like tea. One of the children here provides a cookie or otherwise tasty. That’s how they are encouraged at school to drink tea.

My children don’t like tea. They have never really actively drunk it (one sip from me). But actually I would like to have them on the tea.

Especially to be able to give something different than water, milk or lemonade. But even for the winter it seems nice if they also drink something warm.

Kekke Children’s tea

I discovered special children’s tea. And then you think, why should we buy this? They drink normal tea.

Tea often find children a bit bitter and because of this tea especially for children, they learn to drink tea and they easily switch to ‘ our ’ tea.

Looking for children’s tea? You can find it here

Drink tea together

I organized a tea party for me and the boys with children’s tea. They were allowed to choose the first taste and try it out. I already understood that different tea species could also be very good if Ice Tea could.

Because it was hot this day, I started this. My idea was to first get used to the word tea in cold drinks and then to hot drinks.

Strawberries with whipped cream tea

On request we started with strawberries with whipped cream tea. In ICE TEA Form. The color looks like lemonade and the boys found the taste very tasty, although I was allowed to do something more in it next time.

Later I only read the brochure that was with the tea. Here it stated that when you make ice tea, you always have to do something more tea for the good taste. So the boys had a point there.

Then I asked if I would also make a warm cup of tea. She wanted that and chose the secret of the mummy children’s tea. This includes rooibos and pieces of cocoa, caramel and lime shells in.

I was very curious if the warm variant would catch on. They drank it away like that. I honestly didn’t know what happened to me.

They found the chocolate taste with clearly also the lime taste, very tasty. They were surprised that tea is so tasty. My clog broke all the way when she then also liked a sip of my tea (with mint taste) and so also liked this.

A few days later they drank forest fruit friends, a children’s tea with blueberries, strawberries and rooibos. Both hot and cold liked this tea very much. The blueberries make it naturally sweet and they really appreciated that,


Children can easily drink tea and if they still find your tea too bitter, let them get used to children’s tea first.