The secret to detoxing with birch tree sap from the Pyrenees

The secret to detoxing with birch tree juice from the Pyrenees

Detoxing, I’ve never done it before. But go try it now! Not with pills, teas or rinses.

But with birch tree sap. Birch tree juice from the Pyrenees This juice is said to be detonating and I tried it out .

Detoxing, something for me.

Of course I have read plenty about detoxing, but have never done it myself. I know about pills, tea, but I had never heard of detox juice. Detoxing is literally cleansing your body. This is also called detoxing or detoxifying. A detox allows you to remove numerous toxins from your body, hence the term detoxification.

Detoxing can be done in different ways. With pills, teas, smoothies, superfoods or supplements.

Valmaya birch sap

Detox with birch tree juice. The secret of the ‘Birch tree sap’ of Valmaya is that in the heart of the Pyrenees during the first days of spring the birch tree sap is collected. Gathered at an altitude of 1000 meters on the massif The Canigou. Valmanaya birch tree juice is 100% natural.

Indicated that you can use this Valmaya birch tree sap after winter to go into spring fit and full of energy. Also recommended for athletes, use before and after exercise by diluting the juice with water.

How it works?

Every morning before breakfast I take a little (10 to 15 ml) of the juice, then I start my yogurt with granola. I still find it difficult not to take too much, since the juice comes in a large bottle with a large opening. For the cure to work properly you should consume this juice for 3 weeks. What immediately stands out is the slightly cloudy color of the juice. The taste reminds me of Molkosan.

I used to get this from my mother when I was sick. She diluted this with water. Then the very strong.

The taste of the birch tree sap is not nearly as strong. The taste is mild and gentle. But I immediately understand the detox effect.

After all, my mother gave me this too to get the germs out of my body.

Valmaya from Abies Lagrimus

The weeks I’ve been using Valmanaya I feel fine. Taking a little juice in the morning is not a problem at all and I can keep it up just fine. Whether the juice makes me feel good I find it hard to say.

I have no comparison. That will come when I stop. At this point I would say, it really works.

I feel fit, healthy and well. Not sure if it works until I stop using this juice. If I really notice changes I will report it of course.