Making Christmas cards a personalized Christmas greeting for everyone

Making Christmas cards a personalized Christmas greeting for everyone

Sending Christmas cards, I still do it every year. I like it not only to get but also to send. Because November and December are busy months, I have already started making Christmas cards so they are ready to send.

Create your own Christmas cards

This year I wanted to do it differently. No pre-printed Christmas cards, where the print and text are already fixed. I wanted to work with photos we took ourselves.

Christmas cards with photos

Now I wanted to make several Christmas cards. For example, I like to make a Christmas card for family with photos’of our family. Like the photos we took during the summer vacations in Austria. For friends and acquaintances my family does not necessarily have to be on the Christmas card, but I do like to send a picture we took ourselves. That gives that personal touch to the Christmas cards.

I chose snow mountains for these cards, they look very wintery. But basically you can of course use any photo, if you want to give your Christmas cards your own style.

Creating your own is easy

On the site of Kaartje2go I found very nice examples of personalized Christmas greetings. These Christmas cards you can personalize to your own idea. With photos’s, text and Christmas wishes.

The possibilities are great. I made my own Christmas greeting in an existing format. Making the cards is super easy.

You upload photos’s, place them on the card you have chosen and write a text or not. Here you can adjust the amount of photos you want to place, but also the place where you want to have the photo on some cards you can determine yourself. You can choose text or no text and names or no names.

You can change the font on the Christmas cards, you can put figures (think 2020, cheers or stars) in it. You can keep the texts as they are or fill in your own ideas. After making the cards, you choose the size of the card and you can request a proof if necessary.

You can then choose to have the Christmas cards delivered to your home or send them directly to the recipient. You can change the color of the envelope when ordering (possibly with additional payment) and any closing seal is optional.

Christmas cards

Positive about the quality

Making the cards was done in just a few steps and after checking them again, I ordered them right away. I ordered on Sunday and the cards came in the mail on Tuesday. The cards fit in your mailbox, so you don't have to stay home for them. I am very positive about the quality. The cards, which came with an envelope, turned out beautifully.

The colors are very bright and the Christmas cards are printed on sturdy paper. If you don’t have a name or message put in the cards, you can just write it there yourself.

making Christmas cards Create Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards at Kaartje2go

For me it was the first time that I have made Christmas cards in this way or have ordered at all at Kaartje2go. Making them was a breeze and now that I know this, I can get cards made for any occasion here much more often. Making your own Christmas cards?