How to dress when going to work Formal informal or casual

How to dress when you go to work? Formal, informal or casual

How to dress when you go to work. What clothes are for what purpose. And how to dress if you want to go formal dressed or casual. Because no matter how you go to work, you’ll still be looked at for what you wear.

Today, I’m putting some things together how to dress To work.

What do you have hanging in your closet

Are you aware of the clothes in your closet? What clothes to wear to work? I worked as a nurse for years, so then it was easy. You stepped into your uniform and didn’t have to think about anything. Later I became a team leader and then I made sure that I went to work well dressed anyway.

Finally, I sat in on meetings and gave presentations to large groups.Nowadays I work from home and can wear what I want. Still I am aware of what I wear and how I appear to others with my clothes.

How to dress

How to dress formally, semi-formally, informally or causally when going to work. Because how you dress at work depends very much on the company culture, your function and your personal style.

Do you go dressed formally to work then you radiate reliability, self-assurance, authority and stability. The clothes you can wear with this will have to be sleek, masculine, dark neutral in color ( black, dark blue, dark gray, white or red) and simple ( no frills).

Do you want dressed semi-formally go and come across as approachable, responsive, influential and reliable then make sure your clothes are Colorful,Dessin has, Sophisticated and Careful.

If you informal when you go to work you radiate that you are approachable, conscientious, flexible and cooperative, dress in light color, looser clothes, trendy/fashionable and with prints and accessories.

But do you want to casual more often than not these are leisure clothes and not suitable for work, although of course there are corporate cultures where this can be done. casual dress is clothes that are fun, hip, trendy, homey and easy to wear.

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How do you go to work dressed? And are you aware of what your choice of clothing for the day conveys?