How to combine a vintage living style in your interior

How to combine a vintage living style in your interior

Suppose you would like a vintage living style, but don’t want to turn your whole house upside down. Can you then combine this living style a bit with what you already have in your home now? Sure you can!

A leg of retro, a bit of nostalgia, fits in nicely with the perhaps modern living style you have now. Read here my tips for a vintage lifestyle.

Vintage, retro or antique

Vintage items are old and mostly made in the period from 1920 to 1980. Most of these products – despite their age – are of good quality and so vintage is also defined as “from a good year. Vintage, retro and antique are still sometimes used together, but are a bit different.

Retro is namely used for contemporary items that are not vintage, not nostalgic, but still have that appearance. Antiques on the other hand are at least 100 years old, often rare and handmade

How to get a vintage living style

A vintage style can be perfectly combined in different living styles. So it doesn’t have to be that you have to change your whole house when you want to buy a vintage cupboard. A vintage cupboard can be bought in different sizes and models, think of a sideboard or bedside tables, but also chests of drawers or a bookcase.

Vintage fits my style of living

Maybe you have different interior styles. Or are you more of a style. If you want to combine the vintage living style in your home, that’s fine.

The vintage style is a style that surprises with a mix of old and new. A little bit classic, a little bit design, maybe that one table you bought at the flea market, that vintage cabinet you found online or that retro chair that goes so well with the rest of the interior.

What materials go well with it

The materials for a vintage living style are very diverse. Just because you can mix and match so well with it and actually everything is possible and allowed. Yet there is also typical vintage, in terms of materials, think of the use of wood, leather, glass and metals.

But also bamboo and rattan can be seen in a vintage living style, which in turn fits perfectly into my rural/ bohemian interior.


Actually a vintage living style is a lot of combining, so that vintage cabinet, with a modern lamp. Or a vintage dresser with your latest smart TV. Take a good look at the space you have and try something out. Move the furniture around, put something in a different place.

Search online and at flea markets for those gems that totally fit your living style.