Washable diapers better for the environment and cheaper

Washable diapers, better for the environment and cheaper

If you are pregnant or have just become a mother you will start thinking about diapers. Because are you going to give your child disposable diapers or washable diapers? Parents are quick to buy disposable diapers, because isn't this much easier than washable diapers?

Maybe it used to be that way, but certainly not these days. In addition, washable diapers are cheaper and better for the environment.

Washable diapers vs disposable diapers

How many diapers a day do children use?? That's a question many parents ask themselves. That can be a lot.

This is one of the reasons parents are increasingly buying washable diapers. Washable diapers are in fact cheaper and better for the environment than disposable diapers.

It is still a lot of work

And know that washable diapers are definitely not what they used to be. You may remember them, the big diaper pins and cotton cloths. You don't see that anymore.

These days they are simple pants with Velcro or snaps. And it's not a hassle, really, if your child has had stool, just throw the insert with the stool away and the washable diaper goes in the washing machine.

Cheap and good for the environment

Because the washable diapers are adjustable in size you only need one or two diaper sizes. Quite different from disposable diapers, where you're usually too late to buy a new, bigger size, with all the associated accidents. Because of the Velcro or snaps on the washable diapers, you can easily adjust them and you need far fewer diapers than if you buy disposables.

How many diapers a day

How many diapers you need per day or which diaper sizes depends entirely on your child and what stage they are in. There is no set number of diapers per day, but on average they do say that a baby uses seven diapers per day in the first year of life. Imagine what a lot of disposable diapers these are.

A washable diaper you throw in the wash after use so you use it so much more often than just once.

How it works?

There are different diaper systems. So you have the two-piece diaper, this is a very reliable system for the washable diaper. This is, in fact, a system of a loose base diaper with an overpants over it. How does this work?? Actually very simple, you throw the basic diaper in the diaper pail after use, when the diaper pail is full you throw these diapers in the wash.

The pants don't get dirty as quickly and can be used several times before you have to put them in the wash.

And then you also have the all-in-one diaper, this is one where the absorbent part is attached to the water-repellent outer layer. This washable diaper is a little easier to put on and is mainly for daytime use.

Put a laundry net in the diaper pail and throw it in the wash like this

Whichever washable diaper you choose, you put an insert in the diaper, this lets the moisture through but catches the stool. This you throw away with stool and all and the diaper you throw in the diaper pail after use. It would be ideal to put a laundry net in here.

The diapers go into the washing machine with this laundry net and all.

Washable diapers vs disposable diapers

By using washable diapers you have much less waste which is good for the environment, you need much less, which is good for your wallet and they are also better for your baby's skin. A win, win so. Often parents have to get over the step and maybe use both alternately. Start only during the day and see how you like it.

In any case, it is a good idea to look into this and if you have questions, you can always ask them online or in the stores.

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