The phone rang twenty years ago

The phone rang twenty years ago

Winter 1996, today exactly 20 years ago, I was in group 8 and would start the Cito test at half past eight. Just before we were all allowed to start, the director of the primary school came to walk into the classroom. There was a phone for me.

Secretly I already knew what time it was. I walked with the director to the office and picked up the phone. ‘ Hello?’.

“ with dad ”

“ with daddy, your little sister is born!”. I was quiet and very happy. My mother went to the hospital that day and now my little sister was already there.

How special that was. Bouncing, I went back to class to finish my Cito test as soon as possible.I couldn't wait to go home and admire my sister. In 1994 I was delighted with a little brother and now I also had a sister.

It didn't have to get any crazier.

“ Do you have two mama ’ s?”

Those who can count a little must have understood that I am a piece (although I would rather not admit it) older than my brother and sister. I was a teenager when they were born and so I deliberately experienced how they grew up. I enjoyed helping my mother with the little ones and was quickly very handy in this.

Incidentally, I left the poop diapers to my parents, there must be a difference of course. When my brother and sister were in primary school, I was already at HAVO. So I was a lot bigger and that often caused confusion.

There was even a child once who asked my brother if he might have two mum ’ s. Whether a compliment or an unwise ‘ Dis ’ was, I am not quite out of that yet.

Twenty years later

Now, exactly twenty years later, my little blonde sister has become a young woman. A woman who works hard for her studies. A woman who is occasionally pretty uncertain but that I am sure she will make it completely. That she will get her diploma in a few years, that she will find a nice job and that she looks back on her studies with a smile. Sweet, little sister; happy Birthday!

I am proud of you and love you!

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