Looking forward to

I am looking forward to

…The moment I have our baby in my arms. Having a baby again. Cocooning with our family. Just being with the four of us. But that is not the only thing I am looking forward to.

I am already fantasizing about the things I can and want to do when I have recovered from childbirth. Assuming all goes well of course.A small overview;

Looking forward to…

– rose. I have absolutely no problem leaving the alcohol behind. I'm just looking forward to those evenings of rosé with girlfriends and wine with dinner.

My favorite bottle of wine is already waiting in the wine cabinet. It's kept at the perfect temperature for that first glass post pregnancy. Yippee!!

– shopping! Pretty soon I couldn't wear my own pants anymore. So I've been wearing the same items for a while now.

Some maxi dresses and a few skirts are my favorites. That just sits comfortably. Yet it also gets particularly boring. I find it a waste to invest a lot in clothes that I can wear now because they are only for a few months anyway.

But, ooh, I feel like going shopping again. Strolling through stores, buying new items for autumn. Nice pants, again high heels to wear, cool sweaters, blouses etc..

Me like!

– horseback riding! I have been quite lucky. I was able to ride my horse until 34 weeks. With a big belly I went into the woods every week.

In general I have been at it a long time. Now I have to wait and see when our little sprout will be born and then count down to getting back on my horse. If I have a ‘normal’labor and recovery, I'll be back at it after six weeks!

Can't wait!

–watching bands! Together with a friend we have bought quite a few tickets for gigs, concerts and great nights of music. Totally fancy.

An evening enjoying music with a dear friend.

– be able to order everything in a restaurant again. Lately I've noticed how many dishes on a menu include red or raw meat. Normally I don’t really notice this but I regularly had little choice. Not a huge problem because I did eat well every time, but still nice when you don't have to watch it.

Soon I will be able to choose what I want to do without thinking.

– a day out with all of us. This is a recent thing. I had quite a few plans for the summer vacation, but I didn't get to do much because I keep feeling faint due to low blood pressure.

Doesn’t matter, but the more I look forward to a day at Apenheul, or another fun park, with the four of us.

– vacation books! We love to travel. We have made quite some nice trips with the two of us.

Last January we went far away for the first time since our little man arrived. A cool trip to Dubai and Sri Lanka. Now that our little girl is on the way, we are not going to make a long trip for the time being, but a nice vacation, at home or elsewhere, will come soon.

Just the anticipation I am looking forward to!

Lovely to dream a little. Of course this all only applies if everything goes well with the baby. Of course I cannot judge yet.

However, things are looking good now and we are going for it! Let the little one come!

What are you looking forward to during your pregnancy? What did you miss the most when you were pregnant?

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