It will pass it is a phase

It will pass again, it is a phase…

For months this house has been roaring. Not from sadness, not from anger but from pure fun. These acoustic sounds are embellished by stomping feet and fiery glances. His little friend also ‘suffers’ from it.

They say it's a phase. I just wonder how long this phase will last. I've been trying to remind myself for weeks; it's a phase, Bianca, it really will pass again.

Surrender to it, it is a phase.. My little man has been going through life as a dinosaur for months, most of the day. With the accompanying roaring sounds.

It's a phase..

While growing up, children go through various phases. As a newborn baby, sleep and milk are key. Furthermore, you cuddle a lot and many parents have broken nights. This phase is (fortunately) over.

Then they start crawling, walking, exploring etc. In between there are phases when children take a growth leap or change their entire rhythm. All the moments that parenthood isn't easy sometimes. But comfort you, that too will pass. My little man is currently going through a phase that just seems to be taking a long time.

I feel like we've been at this for years but it's only been going on for a few months.

Dinosaurs all over the place

Around his third birthday, sir developed a fascination with dino’s. No idea how he got it but suddenly the dino was his favorite animal. We went to the Museon where there was a dino exhibition at the time.

We read some books about the dino. Slowly some dino’s came into the house here and there. In the form of plastic toys from the Hema. Sir wanted T-Rex pajamas.

I broke my tongue over names like pterodactyl and velociraptor and slowly mom became a dino expert too. The interest remained and grew. By now he can tell from a dino whether it is a plant eater or a carnivore. Recognizes some dino’s and has been to dino movies and dino museums.

Also sleeping next to him is a T-Rex cuddly toy and he recently got the Dino-Onesie from the Zeeman shop.

Roar like a savage

Since a few months he has also discovered that it is particularly funny to roar like a T-Rex. At least, he thinks it's mostly hilarious himself. It makes me hor and mad.

In that respect, I would have been happier with a mouse phase. At least they don't make so much noise.
There are days when he ’ll jump on our bed roaring in the morning and go to bed like that again. In between there is, fortunately, also normal communication but the best thing is of course to abuse your ‘dino-being’ for various purposes. For example, he can't clean up because T-Rexes have short front legs.

Also, he can't eat his vegetables because a T-Rex is really a carnivore after all. Every now and then he turns into a T-Rex to see how far he can possibly push his limits. Well, credit for ingenuity and imagination.

That again.

How long does this phase last?

As much as I love that he is a Dino fan for a while now, I do wonder how long this phase lasts? Would this just really be a boy thing or will we soon have another fascination that we can get involved with? For example, I don't remember my little brother having a Dino phase or roar phase.

I do know that more boys this age love dinosaurs. I wonder. For now I'm trying to contain the roar a bit and I'm going back to looking for fun dino crafts.

After all, it's only a phase.. Still?

Do you recognize the dino fascination or is your child ‘fan’ or something else? Do you often repeat in your head; it's a phase?

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