A pond for any size garden- 3 designs

A pond for every size of garden – 3 designs

The pond is back in full swing and not only are the butterflies and dragonflies grateful for it, it is also greening up Dutch gardens. Did you know that water in the garden has a relaxing effect on people and even for the smallest gardens and terraces there are models that are easy to install and maintain. At pond brand Ubbink find three designs ponds.

A pond in the garden

Whatever you choose for a pond, it provides greening in the garden. Butterflies will be happy, but so will you, because water has a very good effect on people. Adding more water and greenery to gardens is great for biodiversity.

Ubbink wants to inspire garden owners and make it easy with its ready-made ponds, waterfalls and ornaments.

Sleek, lush or romantic, whatever you choose

It’s really something to think about, a pond in the garden. It’s fun, but also requires maintenance. Now you can of course very well make a choice in the garden.

Go for sleek, lush or romantic?

Quadro – patio pond that you stand squarely behind

Beautiful are these versatile, rectangular Quadro pond containers. They can be buried but can also be placed above ground with a matching, ready-made wooden surround. The smallest model measures only 106 x72 cm and therefore requires little space.

The Quadro ponds of Ubbink are made of black polypropylene, a strong material that is also used for swimming pools. The Ubbink Quadro ponds are available in three sizes from € 91,00, the matching Quadro Wood Frame is available from € 195,00.

Iris – a garden paradise on less than 1m2

This model pond is named after Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. These lush, pre-formed pond containers are ideal for those who like to use their creativity but also choose convenience. The ready-made pond is available in three shapes/sizes. The smallest model takes up less than 1m2 and is 40 cm deep.

Available from $94.00.

lush, pre-formed pond containers

Niagara Wall LED waterfall element – stylish waterfall with mood lighting

Decorate a robust, bold wall or a sleek tiled wall with the Niagara Wall LED waterfall element. Creates a stylish water feature with LED lighting. The element is made of brushed stainless steel, which is resistant to chlorine and salt and pours a powerful and even water film into the reservoir.

The Niagara Wall LED can be brick-in or recessed, or it can be mounted on a surface, such as a wall. The Niagara Wall LED is available in 30, 60 or 90 cm wide from € 192.00 and comes with a strip of LED lighting in warm white.

A water feature in the garden

Creating a pond in your garden has never been easier. Ubbink pond products are available at garden centers, hardware stores and online stores throughout the Netherlands. And in addition to these three size ponds, you will find everything you need for a pond here.

For more information, visit Ubbink Garden

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