Vacations in Corona time. Here’s what you can look out for

On vacation in Corona time. Here’s what to look out for

To vacation or not to vacation in corona time? It is a question that many people have. And when you go on vacation, what should you pay attention to??

What sites should you keep an eye on and what should you do or not do??

Going on vacation in Corona time

It’s a strange year, 2020. Who could have imagined this in January? Nobody anyway. In February I was convinced I was going to America for the summer, but nothing of the sort.

In the meantime everything has been cancelled and we look at the situation abroad every day.

Can we go on vacation abroad?

Can we go abroad? Countries open but close just as fast. And what do we want?

The school vacations have also started here. Our oldest already has a week off as he said goodbye to grade 8 and our youngest had his last day of school yesterday for this school year. And what are we going to do?

Your deductible when you go on vacation

There are employers who say going abroad is at your own risk. If you get stuck because the country closes or you get infected, it will cost you vacation days. But there are also companies that make no rules about this and leave you the choice.

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I feel the need to get away from my own environment. My own environment consisting of my house and garden where I have been since March. All this time we have not been away and as happy as I am with my backyard, I am a bit fed up with it!

Keep an eye on the travel advice

Still it is very important to keep an eye on the travel advice. Because travel advisories change by the day. That counts for a cottage, hotel but also a campsite.

So even if you are camping abroad, it is good to check and keep up with the travel advisories every day.

Find out more

Going camping? Read the rules of the campsite carefully beforehand. Is the swimming pool open? What are the rules regarding the toilet building, laundry building and reception??

Also remember, should things go wrong in the area you are in, can you easily get home??

What can you do before and during your vacation?

What to consider and what to do?

  • Keep an eye on the government website.
  • Which country do you want to go to? Check if this country is actually safe.
  • Check in advance what the rules are in the country you want to go to:
    • keep your distance
    • when and where to wear a mask
    • Are facilities open

    How do you feel about this? Are you going on vacation and dare to book anything yet?