Garden plants inspiration for a bohemian garden

Garden plants inspiration for a bohemian garden

We have never been in the garden as much as last year, logical because we couldn’t really go anywhere else. So how nice it is to tackle your garden now, to change and provide new garden plants. Today Garden Plants Inspiration for a Bohemian Garden.

Garden plants in a bohemian garden

After mostly spent the past year in your own garden, more people – net like me – will want to tackle their garden. Because I’m so fond of the bohemian style, I’m looking for garden plants for a bohemian garden. Something that should certainly not be missing are climbing plants.

Climbing plants in the garden

In a bohemian garden (but perhaps in every garden), plants that climb up. A climbing plant gives that cheerful bohemian atmosphere. Now there are differences in climbing plants, so you can opt for the ivy, a climbing plant that does not need climbing support or climbing plants with tifles that turn around something for support, such as the Clematis.

Why climbing plants in the garden?

Why choose climbing plants in the garden? In addition to giving the beautiful flowers atmosphere and color to your garden, climbing plants are also ideal plants when you have a fence in the garden. If you don’t like this, the climbing plant will take care of another look.

But climbing plants can also grow against a wall or how about a climbing frame that is special for climbing plants.

Beautiful flower pots in a bohemian garden

In addition to climbing plants, plants in flower pots are also a must have in a garden. Really Bohemian is then choosing a wicker basket, a round bamboo pot or a bohemian straw pot. These pots can be both inside and out, so it is great when you might be able to get your interior out of your garden by turning your garden an extension of your living room.

Real Bohemian in a flowerpot outside is the pink cabbage palm or a Chinese fan palm that immediately gives that Mediterranean feeling to your garden.

Rattan furniture and accessories

In addition to choosing flower pots in bamboo or reeds, it is also really bohemian to choose the garden furniture from rattan, bamboo or reed. This creates unity in the garden in addition to atmosphere and cosiness.

My garden will be a bohemian garden

Our back garden is a nice place to stay, yet I miss color and green here. I actually want to continue that bohemian lifestyle that I live in the back garden and give it a bohemian atmosphere. Hence my search for garden plants and inspiration for a bohemian garden.

I have become very enthusiastic about what I could find and really can’t wait to get started. You can find more tips about garden and outdoor life on my Pinterest plate about gardening.