How 50 years of the Fabeltjeskrant is celebrated at Plus supermarkets

How 50 years of the fabeltjeskrant is celebrated at Plus supermarkets

The Fabeltjeskrant exists 50 years and is coming back, as a savings campaign at supermarket chain PLUS brings Mister Owl back to life. You used to watch this? And are you going to save?

Growing up with the Fables

Last week I turned forty-five, so I grew up with the Fabeltjeskrant. I know my sister and I were glued to the tube every episode and enjoyed the adventures of Mister Owl, the Beaver brothers and all the other animals in the big animal forest. Only years later did I understand that in the whole Fabeltjeskrant, there was also a political message, but as a child I didn’t see this. And now they are coming back,

The Fabeltjeskrant at Supermarket PLUS

Children throughout the Netherlands can develop their own fables starting Feb. 24 with saved hand puppets, accompanying puppet show and reading books from the Fabeltjeskrant. True story? True story! Supermarket PLUS actually launched a savings campaign around the most popular children’s series of all time. Our dear children save for Mister Owl, Lowic the Fox, Bor the Wolf, Miss Stork and Willem Bever.

All 263 PLUS stores celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fabeltjeskrant in this way.

Iconic from 1968 to now

Last December, De Fabeltjeskrant, in a new guise, came back to life on TV and in cinemas. The iconic newspaper and its characters from The Big Animal Forest were first on television on September 29, 1968, and went on to become the nation’s best children’s series ever. In the 1640 episodes, Mister Owl invariably makes various allusions to society, politics and current events.

This makes De Fabeltjeskrant not only a children’s program, but also popular among adults.

Peter van Mourik, director marketing and communication of PLUS: “We are very proud that we can share in the Fabeltjeskrant festivities. It is, after all, Dutch cultural heritage. Our young store guests can have fun at home with the hand puppets and puppet show. This will no doubt trigger nostalgic feelings among parents, grandparents and grandparents.”

The best fabulist

The most creative children will win an iPad Mini. To that end, they will broadcast their filmed plays on the Plus Action site from March 1. A critical jury led by Mister Owl will choose three winners from the entries.

But first save up

For every 10 euros groceries of you receive a savings stamp. At 18 stamps the savings card is full and PLUS customers receive a free hand puppet of a Fabeltjeskrant character of their choice. In addition, a table-top puppet theater is on sale for 2.99 euros, so kids can perform their own fable in a real puppet theater at home. For extra inspiration, four read-aloud booklets are available with changing promotional products. Furthermore, stores across the country are organizing festive activities in Fabeltjeskrant atmosphere, such as Meet & Greets with mr. Owl, craft mornings, puppet shows, coloring contests and face painting sessions.

Young and old alike enjoy the Fabeltjeskrant revival at PLUS. Click here for more information about the savings campaign.

Save smarter with the PLUS app

You can also save digitally for the exclusive hand puppets. So you always have your saving card at hand and save ‘m even faster full. And when you now save digitally, you immediately receive 3 free stamps!