What to look out for when buying flowers online

What to look out for when buying flowers online

Do you regularly buy flowers for yourself? Or get them from your loved one? Flowers are so beautiful and brighten up your house.

But if you want to order flowers online, what should you pay attention to??

Buy a bunch of flowers

The average Dutch person buys with some regularity a bunch of flowers for someone else. This way you can surprise your partner for example with a beautiful and colorful bouquet. Many people also buy a bouquet of flowers to brighten up their home. You used to have to go to a physical store or flower shop to buy flowers.

Nowadays this is no longer necessary. No, because you can also buy flowers online. Are you planning to do this? Then there are a few things to look out for.

What to look out for?

Do the flowers have a hallmark?

The average Dutch person only looks at the appearance when they buy flowers. You probably choose certain flowers because of the color. Yet we recommend you look beyond the color. Check whether the flowers have a quality mark.

Nowadays there are different labels that are awarded to flowers. With the help of these labels you can find out whether pesticides have been used and what the working conditions are during cultivation. By also looking at labels, you buy not only beautiful but also fair flowers.

What are the experiences of others?

Have you found an online flower store that sells beautiful flowers? Do not order before looking at the experiences of others. Address the review of the online store for example. Does the company have many reviews and scores well? Then you can often order flowers here without any problems.

Does the review not provide enough guidance? Read reviews from people who have ordered there before. Based on this you can judge whether it is wise to order flowers here.

Pick it up yourself or have it delivered?

Ordering flowers online is very easy. You can take your time to see what’s on offer without being disturbed. Have you found a nice bouquet?

Then don’t order them right away, but check the delivery first. Would you like the bouquet to be delivered to someone in Rotterdam for example? First of all check if it is possible to have flowers delivered in Rotterdam.

Is shipping free?

Can you have the flowers delivered throughout the Netherlands? Even then we advise you not to order right away. Possibly the site where you order will charge a fee for shipping. Don’t forget to check if free flower shipping is an option. Often you have to order above a certain amount.

Do you get here (just) not? Then choose a larger bouquet or possibly have an extra one delivered.

How are they sent?

Do you buy your flowers online and have them delivered? Then of course you want it to arrive nicely at its destination. This seems obvious, but it is not always so. No, because some sellers don’t exactly package a bouquet of flowers carefully.

This potentially damages the bunch during shipping. You don’t need this. Therefore always look how the bouquet is sent.

Only have flowers delivered if you are sure they will arrive at their destination safe, beautiful and undamaged.

Buy your bouquet online

With these tips you should be able to buy a nice bunch of flowers online. To send to yourself or as a surprise to someone else later on. Put them in a nice vase and enjoy them for a long time!