New window coverings in the living room and bedroom

New window decoration in the living room and bedroom – Tips and ideas

What do you have hanging in front of your windows in the living room and bedroom? Do you have curtains, blinds or Venetian blinds, do you have everything the same or a bit of everything?? We are actually a bit fed up with the blinds we have at home and are looking for new window decoration. But what choice do I have and what will fit best in my home??

I went looking.

New window decoration for the home

Maybe you recognize it. You move into your new home and choose a particular window decoration for the window. After so many years you suddenly want something different. But then the question is, what do we go for?

That’s where we are right now. Sixteen years ago we moved in and bought blinds. We’re a little tired of this now. I am now looking at what we can hang and am getting excited about custom blinds. Whereby I would choose wooden blinds over aluminum, because this would fit our living room interior better.

For the upstairs bedroom, I am leaning towards curtains.

Why choose blinds

Now of course it is difficult, after all there is so much choice of new window decoration for both the living room and bedroom. Because besides blinds, you can also choose slats, curtains, net curtains, you name it all. Why choose one over the other?? Besides practicality, there is also a lot of personal taste involved.

Hence my preference for wooden blinds. These wooden, horizontal blinds can be changed using a control cord. The nice thing about wooden blinds is that you don’t have to close them completely to have privacy in the room and in the living room I personally like this very much.

Looking for atmosphere in your home

If you notice that your home lacks atmosphere, then curtains are just the thing for your room. Curtains in general give the most atmosphere in a room. In the living room you can choose light colored curtains or net curtains.

After all, the living room doesn’t necessarily have to be blacked out. If you opt for curtains in the bedroom then curtains that darken the room are a tip to take into account, when it is dark in the bedroom you generally sleep better.

Whatever you choose, choose convenience

Choosing new window coverings may not be just choosing what you want in terms of blinds, curtains or slats, it’s also looking at the circumstances. If you have cats in the house, long curtains may not be a good idea. But also how easy can you get to the curtain.

If you have to bend over cabinets to reach the control strings of the blinds, you might want to choose curtains. And whether you have an entire renovation done on the house, or whether you just want to replace what’s hanging in front of the window: whatever you choose, besides taste there is a lot to think about.