Why we chose the Nintendo Switch after all

Why we chose the Nintendo Switch after all

The boys' wish lists are getting considerably shorter now that they are getting older. Where they used to stick everything they came across and liked on it. These days they are a lot more aware of what everything costs.

And their lists for St. Nicholas are a lot more realistic. This time, however, it does include an expensive gift and actually that's a bit my own fault, because I took them to Nintendo's Super Mario Party a while back. And since here they have been playing with the Nintendo, they talk about nothing else but Nintendo Switch, Labo and Super Mario. As enthusiastic as they were, the husband was reluctant and what better way to convince them than to temporarily get the game in the house and get him hooked too.

Did this work out for us and why I do understand the boys?


A few months ago we were introduced to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Labo for the first time. This was during an event about Nintendo Labo, where the boys got to play with this for the first time. The whole phenomenon of computer games has always kind of eluded me, but from what I saw then and especially from building your own before you can play I did get excited, honestly.

Super Mario Party

The Nintendo Switch and Labo came up more often at home, but we agreed that we thought it was a lot of money and besides, the boys already have a mobile phone to play games on. But then we were invited by Nintendo (in cooperation with Sonos) to Super Mario Party. Here we saw what else you can do with the Switch besides Nintendo Labo and then the three of us were convinced.

What stopped the man

We came home all wildly excited and I wish I had bought that Nintendo Switch right away. The man, however, had his reservations. First, the price. For the Nintendo Switch, you're already out more than 300 euros this way, and then you don't even have a game or what. The games like Super Mario Party but also Nintendo Labo cost an average of €60 each.

Besides, the man thinks the boys are already doing too many games on the phone and tablet. Points I completely agree with-when I think clearly.

Try out Nintendo Switch

So when I got the opportunity to test out the Nintendo Switch, Labo and Super Mario Party I took it with both hands. For would we manage to convince the man? The package arrived and the boys wanted to build Nintendo Labo right away, but I read on the single piece of paper that was in the box that you had to charge the controllers first. I thought I was being stubborn and started to follow the instructions on the TV when it stopped halfway through.

I really had to charge it first. Once this was done, so was the Nintendo Switch installed.

Nintendo Labo

The oldest started building the Nintendo Labo vehicle pack. First the gas pedal had to be made. You insert the game card into the Switch and can start building. Step by step everything is explained.

The oldest is really a technical builder, but he immediately mentioned that the car was really tricky to make and that the age 6+ on the box might be too enthusiastic. The plane and submarine were easier to build. Once everything was built, they got to play with it.

This can be done on the Switch itself, but also on the TV. While playing, you constantly switch vehicles to perform different missions. I got another comment from the guys if I would mention that this fueling is still very difficult, since you have to get the car in the right place.

Nintendo Switch Labo

Nintendo Switch Labo

Nintendo Switch Labo

Super Mario Party

And then the Super Mario Party game. Super Mario Party is a real hit here at home. You put this game's game card in the Switch and specify how many people you're going to play with. Next you arrive at the Playground and make the choice of which game to go for. There are several games to choose from.

Each game has many different games to play. You can play by yourself, with two, three or four people.

What games are there

  • Mario Party: The classic board game mode is back and better than ever! Up to four players move their characters across various game boards to collect the most stars. Using new strategic elements like character-specific dice. Plus brand new minigames and surprising events that can dramatically change the course of battle.
  • Toad's Mess Hall: Here you'll find unique multiplayer minigames that let you party on any table – no TV required! In some mini-games, you can even combine two Nintendo Switch systems. With a copy of the game each, to double the fun.
  • Mariothon and Online Mariothon: Play series of mini-games with friends in your area in Mariothon. Or battle against other players and friends remotely in Online Mariothon. When playing online, you can voice chat with registered friends via the Nintendo Switch Online app for cell phones.
  • Wild Waters: A four-player cooperative mode in which players must work together as a team to navigate a raging river. Can you reach the finish line in time?
  • Beat boss: Shake the Joy-Con controller and swing during a series of musical mini-games.

Infinite games

What I was positively surprised about at all is the large amount of minigames. Also during the wild waters and board games, mini-games are constantly passing by and every time I was surprised by new games that were there. Before the minigame starts, but also with all the other games, you see exactly how to do it.

Why are we converted and here comes a Nintendo

But anyway, we were already convinced and our plan was to try to convince the husband as well and fair is fair, this succeeded quickly. I still think it's a lot of money, let me put that first. But unlike the phone or tablet you do not play alone. Labo you can of course play alone, but the other games are great fun to play together. It's really a family event, where you play one time against each other and the other time with each other.

Collaboration is required then. During the games we have been in a huff, but also turn out to be super fanatical. Another plus point I think is the large amount of games on the game card.

Every time we were surprised about new games and possibilities. Also, with each game you can choose easy or difficult or very difficult. Where hubby thought it might be a bit childish for us adults, this certainly turned out not to be the case. The games are also a challenge to do with friends.

Fun guaranteed.

Additional Tips for Purchasing

Tip: Meanwhile, we have purchased the game itself. We bought this during Singles day ( I had never heard of it before, but was happy with it) and so at a discount. Maybe a tip for Black Friday should you also want to purchase it. Another tip is to buy an extra charging point.

You can charge the controller to the Switch while it's in the Nintendo switch doc, but I don't want to have it in here all the time and can use the separate charger to charge all four controllers at once.

Why is the Nintendo Switch so much fun anyway and what can you do with it in terms of games?

Are you familiar with Nintendo Switch games?