Online training Rest and Focus for you and your child

Online training Rest and Focus for you and your child-a discount code

Do you notice that your child is often distracted? Does he or she suffer from a ‘full head’, needs to remember a lot, but is occasionally lost because of all the busyness? The online training course Rest and Focus can help you and your child rest your head and body.

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Difficulty with homeschooling

After the first lockdown, most parents agreed that homeschooling is definitely not easy. Not only because you have your own work, but also because you want to help your child with homeschooling. Perhaps you’ve seen your child struggling with schoolwork, totally disinterested in it or just super fanatical.

Children can put pressure on themselves, and you may have noticed how your child handled concentration, schoolwork, distractions and assignments as well.

Does your child have trouble concentrating?

Do you notice that your child has trouble concentrating? Has trouble keeping attention on schoolwork? Does he or she often suffers from a full head and cannot always express himself or herself well about it?

Then the online training Rust and Focus might be something for your child and you.

An online training

In this training children learn in their familiar home situation and in an accessible way how to focus their attention on what they are doing now. They learn how head and body can come to rest. And that’s exactly what can help during this time of homeschooling.

The online training Rest and Focus for parent&child

Per day we have about 50.000(!) thoughts. And when kids finally manage to park it all and concentrate on, say, a spelling assignment, their neighbor starts tapping a pen on the table. Are they distracted by that!

Do you recognize this in your son or daughter? Or maybe your child has trouble falling asleep. Does he or she suffer from ‘a full head.

Or does he or she find many things exciting.

Learning through exercises

In the online training Rust en Focus you work on this together with your child. You will discover in seven lessons what happens when you focus your attention on what you are doing right now. This will include silence exercises. These are exercises you do in silence where you focus on breathing.

So you can properly hear the sounds around you and inside yourself. You will also learn to look for your silent body together. If you know how, you can always go with your attention here.

This is how your head and body come to rest. Sounds good anyway?

The training includes:

  • What is attention?
  • Learning to pay attention to breathing
  • Name when attention is less
  • Finding rest when sleeping

What will you get home

How nice it is to be able to do this online training Rust en Focus in your own familiar environment. You get home video’a, exercises, a workbook, background information and 4 months access to all content

Practical information about this online training:

  • What is it? Online training Rest and Focus, from Focus&Kids. A training for parent and child
  • For whom is it? Children from 8 to 12 years together with their mother or father
  • Where to follow this training? Just independently at home
  • When? You can start at any time
  • How much time does it take? 5-15 minutes a day
  • Costs? € 97,00 incl workbook ( see discount code at the bottom of this article for 10% discount)


Here on my blog you can win a training course Rest and Focus worth € 97. The training is for children from 8 to 12 years old to follow together with you.

How to participate in the win action:

Win this online training?

  • Indicate in a comment below this article that you are participating. Attention, it is a training for children from 8 to 12 years old!
  • You may mention why you would like to win, but that is not necessary (for privacy reasons).
  • Make sure you leave a valid email address.
  • The competition runs until 26 January 2021, the winner will be notified by email, no correspondence can be entered into regarding the results.
  • The competition is closed the winner has been notified.

Discount code

Did not win, but would like to follow this online training. With the code lodiblogt10 Get 10% off the online training. Enter this code on the entry form.

You do not pay € 97 per training but only € 87,30!