Christmas vacations I’m offline

Christmas vacations, I’m offline for a while (or at least less online)

Christmas vacation means two weeks of relaxation. Enjoying our family and relatives, celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve and especially being together. Also with my blog I am offline for a while!

Going offline this Christmas break

Last year I noticed how nice it was to not have to share blogs during the vacations and to use social media less for a while. It felt like a real vacation. This, of course, is not weird. It is the first year that I am blogging full time and where I used to be able to get my work off my chest during the vacations, I needed this with blogging too.

Just do not think about topics, do not write anything and after the vacation start again fresh and fruity. And actually I’m looking forward to being less online this Christmas break.

Blogging and working from home

Because that’s the thing about blogging and working from home. It never stops. You actually go on and on. As soon as I have an idea for a blog article I write it down.

Or immediately post some sentences in a new article, not to forget my ideas. If an email comes in around dinner time, I read and respond to it in the evening. Sometimes I have deadlines and I really have to finish something. It goes on and on and I’m happy with that.

Finally, I have chosen to devote more and more time to blogging.

Vacations are vacations

But now it will soon be Christmas vacation. I was looking at when I would post an article these weeks. And suddenly decided that it would actually not be weird at all to also just take a vacation and be offline for a few weeks. Not only does it give me all the time I need for my family, I can recharge, think of new ideas and get inspired. I am not going to miss it?

Maybe I will and it won’t be that I won’t do anything at all. The laptop will not be locked, my camera will just go with me everywhere and I will definitely post pictures’s. But I’m not posting any articles for a while, no pressure for a while, it feels good!

And the new year starts immediately with a nice win action!

Until the new year

I’m going to try to draw a lot this vacation. I am currently working on the #creachickdecemberchallenge. Here we focus on a different topic every day, which you can get creative with in a Journal. On my blog you can see every day what I made.

I can take all the time I need. But I also really need to update my Bullet journal and of course I want to be with my family and go out a lot. So you will see enough coming by.

I wish you all happy holidays and see you in the new year.

Will you keep posting articles during the vacations? Or are you taking a vacation too.